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Seussical Jr.

Spring 2018

Thank you so much for auditioning for Seussical Jr.!! We had an amazing turnout and while we tried to cast everyone, it isn’t always possible.  Please do not be discouraged. Please be sure to email to confirm your role and check your email for information on our first rehearsal!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


The Cat in the Hat:  Amari Anaya / Tyler Wimberg
JoJo:  Brian Garrabrant / Cally Murphy
Horton the Elephant:  Elijah Robertson / Xander Matik 
Gertrude McFuzz:  Rachel Lischin / Sydney Drexler
Mayzie La Bird:  Morgan Murphy / Sadie Lock
Sour Kangaroo:  Ava Dinnocenzio / Ella Osbeck
Young Roo:  Allie Youngblood / Siena Eden

Lead Bird Girls (Double Cast - 6 Girls Per Show):

Violet Berk

Mia Bodkin

Roselyn Driscoll

Laurel Fraser

Sophie Goldstein

Farrah Hazaveh

Sadie Heyman

Riley Hieb

Gianna Molinari

Mia Pancoast

Gianna Pepe

Sofia Salerno


The Wickersham Brothers:

Gavin Horn

Alex Orozco

Vincent Piraino

Mr. Mayor:  Jaden Hansen-Greenberg / Justin Parsons
Mrs. Mayor:  Kacie Burnett / Audrey Seals
Yertle the Turtle:  Delaney Hughes / Molly Pacanowski
Vlad Vladikoff:  Alexis Piraino / Campbell Reese
Thing 1 and Thing 2:  Caitlin Grimley and Ellie Southard / Anna Perskie and Madison Meade
Grinch:  Molly McClain / Sydney Shim

Who Family 1:            

Vivian Luff 

Chloe Reganato

Ruth Ryon

Delaney Shur    

Kinsley Smith    

Who Family 2:

Samantha Beckmann

Mia Bongiorno

Treasa Hayes

Scarlett McCourt

Who Family 3:

Danielle Feriozzi

Carly McCarthy

Lyla Millstein

Valentina Rosenfelt

Sydney Shim

Who Family 4:

Eva Brozosky

Lindsey Chambers

Lia Goldberg

Liza Martino

Sofia Vitanza


Samantha Beckmann, Mia Bongiorno, Eva Brozosky, Lindsey Chambers, Danielle Feriozzi, Lia Goldberg, Caitlin Grimley, Treasa Hayes, Delaney Hughes, Vivian Luff, Liza Martino, Carly McCarthy, Scarlett McCourt, Madison Meade, Lyla Millstein, Molly Pacanowski, Anna Perskie, Alexis Piraino, Campbell Reese, Chloe Reganato, Valentina Rosenfelt, Sydney Shim, Delaney Shur, Kinsley Smith, Ellie Southard, and Sofia Vitanza.

All double cast actors will appear in the ensemble on their off nights unless excused ahead of time by the directors. The ensemble will be assigned as Jungle Creatures, Monkeys, & Whos upon the start of rehearsals.

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