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Singin' in the Rain Jr. the Musical

Summer 2019

Thank you so much for auditioning for Singin in the Rain! Our team was incredibly impressed by the passion and talent exhibited by our auditioners this week. Please email to accept your role. We are so excited to begin working on this production!!! 


(In order of appearance)

Dora Bailey:

Kacie Burnett

Scarlett-Rose Romano


Don Lockwood:

Aidan Brandt

Tyler Wimberg


Lina Lamont:

Roselyn Driscoll

Grace Evans


Cosmo Brown:

Kevin Bell

Michael Leiderman



Mary Bryz-Gornia

Katelin Keane


R.F. Simpson:

Jaden Hansen-Greenberg

Jacob Perlman


Kathy Selden:

Morgan Murphy

Ellie Savino


Miss Dinsmore:

Victoria Giardina

Audrey Seals



Pauline Leiderman

Kallan Tripician



Sophie Goldstein

Cally Murphy



Joey Corley

Brian Garrabrant


Broadway Melody Host:

Siena Eden

Kinsley Smith


Broadway Dancer #1:

Lilia Brough

Kayla Magazzu


Broadway Dancer #2:

Sage Geubtner

Allie Youngblood


Fan #1:

Taylor Timbrook


Fan #2:

Shosh Greenberg



Max Brough


Pedestrian #1:

Nellie Schwegman


Pedestrian #2:

Scarlett Wolk


Young Lady:

Gianna Molinari



Vova Sulima


Stagehand #1:

Mia Bongiorno


Stagehand #2:

Liza Martino


Stagehand #3:

Aibhilin Scanlon


Chorus Girl #1:

Sydney Shim


Chorus Girl #2:

Christina Ross


Chorus Girl #3:

Lily Turner


Chorus Girl #4:

Daisy Turner


1st Assistant:

Lia Goldberg


2nd Assistant:

Caitie Grimley


3rd Assistant:

Maddie Meade


Student #1:

Lyla Millstein


Student #2:

Ruth Ryon


Student #3:

Kiah Cautilli


Screening Guest #1:

Zuzanna Turska


Screening Guest #2:

Emily Kyle


Screening Guest #3:

Camryn DeMorat


Screening Guest #4:

Melana Rush


Screening Guest #5:

Gemma Locatell



Justin Parsons

Ryan Southard


Sound Engineer:

Niko Dounoulis

Vincent Piraino


Audience Member #1:

Abigail Lahey


Audience Member #2:

Alexa Levy

Orchestra Leader

Valentina Rosenfelt


Kathy’s Girls:

Lilia Brough, Mary Bryz-Gornia, Kacie Burnett, Caitie Grimley, Kiah Cautilli, Roselyn Driscoll, Siena Eden, Sage Geubtner, Sophie Goldstein, Shosh Greenberg, Katie Kean, Abigail Lahey, Pauline Liedermen, Gemma Locatell, Lyla Millstein, Gianna Molinari, Cally Murphy, Morgan Murphy, Gianna Pepe, Melana Rush, Ruth Ryan, Ellie Savino, Kallan Tripician, Allie Youngblood


Junior Tap Dancers:

Katy Brough, Gabriella Ferri, Allie Garrabrant, Lia Goldberg, Emily Kyle, Kayla Magazzu, Scarlett-Rose Romano, Valentina Rosenfelt, Nellie Schwegman, Gianna Smallwood, Ellie Southard, Scarlett Wolk


Make Em Laugh:

Mia Bongiorno, Max Brough, Camryn DeMorat, Grace Evans, Makenzie Fresh, Victoria Giardina, Casey Herron, Alexa Levy, Liza Martino, Maddie Meade, Gianna Middleton, Christina Ross, Aibhilin Scanlon, Audrey Seals, Sydney Shim, Kinsley Smith, Vovo Sulima, Taylor Timbrook, Kallan Tripician, Lily Turner, Daisy Turner, Zuzanna Turska, All Male Cast members on their off night

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